Have you made the pledge to be a BROOKE CHAMPION!?

By joining our influencer army, you'll be taking ACTION for working horses, donkeys and mules around the world!

Pledge to be a #BROOKECHAMPION and help raise vital awareness about our work by posting special Brooke content on your social media accounts each month.

  • Sign the pledge form.
  • Right click and save the image above for your first Brooke social media post!
  • Use some of the key messages from the orange text below to craft your post.
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  • Follow the hashtag #BrookeChampions on Instagram and keep an eye out for your special Brooke content.
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Key messages to help craft your first social media post:

  • I've pledged to be a #BROOKECHAMPION!
  • If you want to be one too, click on the link in @thebrookecharity bio.
  • I first found out about Brooke when...
  • My favourite part of Brooke’s work is...
  • Over the next year I'll be helping raise vital awareness for working horses, donkeys and mules on social media for @thebrookecharity.
  • Brooke is an international charity that protects and improves the lives of horses, donkeys and mules which give people in the developing world the opportunity to work their way out of poverty.
  • To find out more about their work click on the link in their bio or visit thebrooke.org.


Thank you for being awesome #BROOKECHAMPIONS! By sharing regular social media content, you are all helping us raise vital awareness about Brooke's work.

Congrats to our 'Influencers of the Month' - they've gained some serious attention for working equines working hard overseas!