Invisible Livestock conference

On 16 November 2015, international and national policy stakeholders, researchers and civil society organisations gathered in London for a Brooke-hosted policy conference highlighting the multiple contributions of livestock to livelihoods and national economies.

The event focused on recognising the full spectrum of livestock function - including traction and transport - as a pathway to supporting livelihoods, sustainable food production and food security globally.

It brought together a wide variety of organisations with a mandate and the capacity to take action on working equine welfare, including the World Organisation for Animal Health, the Government of Kenya, Send a Cow, the Food Economy Group, World Animal Protection, Concern Worldwide and the University of Edinburgh.

Brooke Chief Executive Petra Ingram speaking at the Invisible Livestock conference

Three moderated panel discussions tackled the economic contributions of working livestock such as horses, donkeys and mules, the current policy environment and possible ways in which a holistic and comprehensive understanding of livestock can be achieved in policy and practice.

Our policy report Invisible Workers (PDF 6Mb) informed the day’s discussions.

Participants highlighted the opportunity for cross-sectoral action to help both working livestock and the people who depend on it. We will host future fora to continue this integrated policy debate, bringing together stakeholders from the human development and animal welfare sectors, including policy-makers, researchers and NGOs.