Legitimate Interest

What is legitimate interest and how does it affect our supporters?

When you support Brooke, we at times will contact you by post with appeals and information that Brooke believes is relevant, of interest and, as a supporter, you would reasonably expect to receive.

Brooke would not email you or call you unless you had given us your explicit consent.

This is a carefully considered process we use to keep supporters up-to-date with Brooke news, events, activities (including fundraising activities and appeals) work, upcoming fundraising events and how you can support us.

When we communicate in this manner it is referred to under data protection law as “Legitimate Interest” and is one of the lawful conditions we are able to gather and store your data, (your name and address for example) and use it to communicate with you.

Brooke has a more detailed template outlining how and when we use Legitimate Interest. If you would like a copy please contact our Supporter Care Team on 020 7470 9393. Please be aware that as this is a policy document, it will contain legal terminology that we must use in order to ensure we comply with legislation. So, for example, you will see Brooke termed in places as ‘Data Controller’ – this is not how we would describe ourselves outside of this context.

You can also find more information about Legitimate Interest and consent on these websites:

Our supporters always hold the right to let us know if they do not wish to receive communications, and can opt-out of future communications by mail, email and phone. This can be done at any time by contacting our Supporter Care Team on 020 7470 9393 or by email at [email protected].

See some examples of where we contact supporters using Legitimate Interest