Esme Higgs (This Esme)

Equestrian YouTuber This Esme is a Brooke Ambassador, with a focus on inspiring young people to get involved with the charity.

Esme during her visit to Senegal to see Brooke’s work

Esme Higgs has been supporting Brooke since 2018, when she visited our stand at Olympia and saw our 360° video. She has lent her support to our MyHackathon activity and Brooke Shop, supported our donkey skin trade appeal, and in October 2019, she travelled to Senegal to see our work. Whilst there, Esme heard more about Brooke’s farriery and drought resilience work and broadcasted this to her combined audience of over 500K followers on social media. Her videos on YouTube in support of Brooke receive an average of over 80K views.

I can’t wait to use my voice to inspire more people to get involved with Brooke and raise awareness of the vital contribution these animals make around the world.

- This Esme

Esme said: "I’m so excited to take on this role and further my support of this brilliant charity in 2020. Earlier in 2019, I was lucky enough to visit Brooke’s work in Senegal and see the huge difference that donations make to the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and the people who depend on them."

Esme regularly films videos about her day-to-day life looking after her two horses and three donkeys. She has posted videos for Brooke on hosting a tea party for donkeys and 24 hours in a donkey stable. Her appointment follows that of Yorkshire-based author Hannah Russell, who was named Ambassador – Youth Focus in early 2019.

Looking ahead, Brooke and Esme will collaborate on videos and digital content to raise awareness of the tough conditions experienced by working horses, donkeys and mules around the world today. Brooke works with owners, governments and local policy makers to make sustainable improvements to the lives of these animals and the people who depend on them.