Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts was named Global Ambassador for Brooke in 2015.

Marvin Earl "Monty" Roberts is an internationally renowned horse trainer from the USA, based in California. Nicknamed the ‘horse whisperer’ and ‘the man who listens to horses’ for his natural horse training techniques, he regularly astounds audiences with his ‘Join Up’ shows around the world.

Monty visited the Brooke’s work in India in September 2014 and was taken aback by what he saw.

Monty Roberts visits the work of Brooke in India

Monty Roberts visited our work in India last year, to see everything Brooke is doing to help working horses, donkeys and mules. We are delighted that Monty is now a Global Ambassador for Brooke.

The visit to India really opened my eyes to the welfare problems that exist amongst working equines.

At times it was unbearable and the suffering I witnessed, especially at the equine fair, will stay with me forever. But, on the plus side, I also saw the wonderful work that Brooke is doing to improve the welfare of these animals. There is a lot of work to do, and I am honoured to help Brooke.

Monty Roberts