Apart from the far south, much of Senegal lies in the drought prone Sahel area, with poor soil and erratic rainfall. One third of the Senegalese population rely on livestock for a portion of their income and roughly 75% of the population depend upon agriculture for their livelihoods.

There are nearly one million horses and donkeys across Senegal, transporting people and goods in towns and rural areas, ploughing fields and helping with the harvest. The welfare of these working animals is poor and many suffer from sickness and disease as a result of working for prolonged periods in a challenging climate.

The Brookes presence in Senegal began in 2010 with a partnership with Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (Agriculturalists and Veterinary Surgeons without Borders also known as AVSF) who had been present in Senegal for over 15 years.

We are currently working with two partners, ARED (Associates in Research and Education for Development) who are focusing on Northern Senegal (Louga region/ Namarel and Linguere Districts) and UGAN (Union des Groupements Associés du Niombato) in the Fatick region.

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Making a difference
  • The Brooke works directly and through partners to make a lasting improvement to the welfare of working horses and donkeys. This will be done through capacity building, community programmes and advocacy. 
  • In August 2013 the Brooke West Africa Office (WAO) launched a new programme with partner ARED, a national organisation, based on a three year cycle in the Ferlo region, north of Senegal. The Project for Equine Welfare Improvement in the Ferlo area (PABEEF) aims at reaching 25,000 equids in targeted areas by the end of its third year – 7,000 of which should be reached by the end of year one (August 2014).
  • Brooke WAO will also be undertaking research on the contribution of working equines to the household economy. This evidence on the links between equids and people’s livelihoods in Senegal will support us in promoting interest in, motivation and commitment to equine welfare.

The Brooke is currently exploring other partnership opportunities in Senegal - to identify community based associations and national organisations in the country with an interest in equine welfare and in working with the Brooke.

Senegal is the regional office for Brooke West Africa and scoping of other countries, such as Burkina Faso will be discussed in 2014/15. This will create additional opportunities for programme development.


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Senegal at a glance

Population: 13.5 million
Percentage of people living below the poverty line:54%
Number of Partners: 2
Number of working horses, donkeys and mules: 1 million

heavy load senegal

Equines are required to pull extremely heavy loads.


10 year old Habib with his uncle's horse, which he helps to look after.

Donkey heading to market in Vélingara, Senegal, loaded with goods and people.

Donkey heading to market in Vélingara, Senegal, loaded with goods and people. ©The Brooke

horses nuzzling

Horses nuzzling and displaying natural behaviour.

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