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The Brooke is an international animal welfare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in the poorest parts of the world.

The Brooke’s network includes Brooke Egypt, Brooke India, Brooke Pakistan and our branches in Ethiopia and Jordan. Our network also includes Brooke Netherlands and American Friends of the Brooke: raising awareness about working equine animal welfare and vital funds for the Brooke’s health and welfare programmes. We also work with partner organisations around the world.

The Brooke’s international office is based in the UK and the Brooke is a registered UK charity.


The Brooke in the UK is governed by our Board of Trustees, volunteers who are responsible for ensuring that the charity is well-managed, in line with its vision and mission and that it abides by its charitable objectives.

Chief Executive

Our Trustees appointed Petra Ingram, as Chief Executive in 2009. The Chief Executive, with colleagues' support, is responsible for managing the organisation of the Brooke’s international programmes, resources, communications and fundraising.

Our people

The effort, dedication and skills of our staff and volunteers and the commitment of our supporters are helping us achieve our vision of a world in which working horses, donkeys and mules are free from suffering.

The Brooke has more than 800 staff around the world and volunteers play a crucial role in our work, either helping in our offices or undertaking fundraising activities.

Farrier and children Egypt

The Brooke works across the globe, including with this farrier and his children in Egypt. ©The Brooke

Brooke Chief Executive

Brooke Chief Executive, Petra Ingram sits down with members of a women's equine group in India to discuss how their 100 rupee contributions are recorded. These small savings soon mount up and contribute to the welfare of the whole group. ©The Brooke

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