Nazar in Pakistan

The Brooke Pakistan treated Nazar's donkey in a flood relief camp after the Pakistan floods.

Hope for Nazar

Last August, Nazar Ali Jatoi from Sindh, lost half his donkeys in the Pakistan floods.  After moving his family and animals to a nearby shelter, his first priority was his remaining donkeys. They had worked in the brick kilns and were vital to keep his family alive.

Nazar, 35, knew he had to respond quickly if his family and animals were to survive the difficult days ahead. One donkey was suffering from a wither wound on his back - a common problem when animals carry heavy loads. Luckily the Brooke was visiting the relief camp to provide emergency treatment, vaccinations and fodder.

Dr Habib Ullah Laghari treated Nazar’s donkey by cleaning and dressing the wound, as well as administering pain relief. He advised Nazar to keep the wound clean and avoid working the animal too soon. “The animal was treated for the wound but along with medicine it needed the owner’s care to make it heal,” he said.

A brighter future for Nazar

Thanks to the quick actions of the team at the relief camp, Nazar’s animals were able to work again. Nazar has since returned to Jacobabad with his family and all his animals are in good health and ready to help the family rebuild their lives. Nazar adds: “I’m very thankful to the Brooke team for providing veterinary help and information regarding basic management for animals during the hard times.”

While Nazar was able to recover, many animals are more vulnerable than ever before. With no pumps to draw clean water from and crops destroyed, animals face a constant lack of fodder, fresh water and shade. Many are at risk from disease, wounds, lameness, heat stress and respiratory problems.


The Brooke's VO CAHW and Nazar in Pakistan © The Brooke

The Brooke's VO CAHW and Nazar in Pakistan © The Brooke

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