Responsible Tourism

What's the problem?

Working horses and donkeys are part of everyday life in popular holiday destinations around the world, with hundreds of thousands employed in the tourist trade. But overwork and bad practice can lead to animals suffering.

Many animals spend all day every day carrying heavy loads, as they taxi tourists across tricky terrain at bargain prices, often under the blazing sun, with little shade, water or rest.

Exhausted animals suffer heat stress, injuries, dehydration, beatings and wounds as part of this ‘holiday experience’, with their poor owners working them hard to bring in a daily income.

What can you do to help?

Every person has the power to prevent a working horse or donkey from suffering, and the Brooke is now on hand to help caring travellers make responsible choices:

Animal welfare issues in tourism

If you want to know more about the issues facing animals working in the tourist industry, have a look at our what are the issues page, and watch our responsible tourism video to see first-hand how horses and donkeys suffer in the tourist trade.

Follow the code

Take action to prevent animals in the tourism industry suffering, by following the Brooke's ‘Happy Horses Holiday Code' - just download the code and share with your friends and family.

Share your stories

Upload your photos, videos and stories of horses and donkeys being used in the tourism industry to our Brooke Facebook page. We have also uploaded photos onto Flickr, please take a look and share them with friends.


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