Our veterinary work includes a large training component to build up veterinary skills in other animal health professionals such as government and private vets, paravets and community animal health workers.

Our veterinary approach

Our veterinary approach is based on supporting the provision of preventative and treatment services to working horses and donkeys, both in the short-term and long-term. 

In the short-term, the Brooke has dedicated teams of highly experienced vets and animal health professionals providing free veterinary services to communities through mobile clinics. 

These focus on areas where no local veterinary services exist or where local practitioners do not yet have the required level of skill or experience.

Relief of pain and immediate welfare problems are our first priority.  We ensure that our veterinary teams are kept up to date with appropriate veterinary skills and knowledge through regular training sessions and online learning initiatives. 

We aim to provide high quality veterinary care using appropriate locally available medicines and equipment. We also develop resource materials to share clinical information relevant to local circumstances.  

Our approach focuses on encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experience across our field teams and supporting them in developing locally appropriate veterinary skills.

In the long-term we aim to build the capacity of local service providers to enable us to hand over responsibility for working equine welfare to sustainable local structures. 

A Brooke team asesses a donkey in Lahore, Pakistan ©The Brooke/Damon Lynch

A Brooke team asesses a donkey in Lahore, Pakistan. ©Damon Lynch

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