The Brooke works to achieve its goal of improving the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules overseas by building alliances and collaborating with others.

How we influence others

The Brooke needs to ensure that working horses, donkeys and mules are recognised as being indispensable to the lives of the people they serve, play a key part in alleviating poverty, so that we can advocate for changes in policies and practice to improve their welfare.

For the Brooke to achieve its goal of improving the welfare of two million working horses, donkeys and mules by 2016, we will will need to make a step change in the scale and impact of our work. To help us achieve this goal, we intend to continue building alliances and working with other organisations so that they in turn can influence others.

How the Brooke is helping

The Brooke will help to bring about change in policies, laws and practices to improve working equine welfare. Spreading the lessons learned from our work in country programmes helps influence other actors and improve animal welfare interventions.

The Brooke aims to significantly improve the welfare of more than two million working horses, donkeys and mules by 2016 by influencing key actors so that:

  • Appropriate* veterinary care, which is relevant to the local context and of suitable quality, is available and accessible to owners and users of working equines.
  • Poverty reduction, income generation and community development programmes and projects recognise the value of and include support for the welfare of working equines.
  • The health, welfare and treatment of equines hired to tourists and tour companies demonstrate good practice.


How we influence others

Members of the Brooke India and Brooke International teams at a community meeting in India. ©The Brooke

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