Increasing the visibility of working horses, donkeys and mules in international development and policy plans.

Spreading the word

In order to improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules, the Brooke builds alliances and collaborates with other organisations to influence others.

This goal cannot be achieved through simply expanding the Brooke’s operational work within existing and new countries. As our International Strategy describes, the Brooke aims to “significantly increase our impact on working equine animal welfare, within and beyond the geographical areas in which we work, through influencing and collaborating with local, national and international institutions.

Recognising the need

Despite playing a crucial role in poor households in developing countries, working horses, donkeys and mules are largely invisible in international development policy and plans.

When information on working animals appears in government statistics, the details are often unreliable, their economic value is hard to articulate and they are not part of the export or trade debates.

The Brooke steps in

The Brooke needs to ensure that working horses, donkeys and mules are recognised as being indispensable to the lives of the poor people they serve.

The Brooke engages in processes to bring about change in the policies, laws and practices of influential individuals, groups and institutions resulting in the protection of or the improvement of working equine welfare.

Spreading the lessons learned from our work in the countries in which we work is very important in influencing others to develop and improve animal welfare interventions.

Donkeys grazing in Ethiopia

Donkeys grazing in Ethiopia. ©The Brooke

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