Monty Roberts named Brooke Global Ambassador

26 March 2015

The man who listens to horses, Monty Roberts formally becomes Brooke Global Ambassador at his demonstration at Hadlow College, Kent.


HRH The Duchess of Cornwall launches Brooke USA

20 March 2015

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall officially launched Brooke USA at a reception for Brooke donors and guests at Churchill Downs, Kentucky.


International Women's Day

8 March 2015

The Brooke marks International Women's Day by sharing stories of the women working with working equines across the world.


Sir Peter O'Sullevan Charitable Trust raises £600,000 for the Brooke

3 March 2015

The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust has recently donated £50,000 to equine welfare charity the Brooke, bringing the total it has raised for the charity to over £600,000 in the last 18 years, helping improve the lives of millions of working horses, donkeys and mules across the world.


Charlotte Dujardin named Global Ambassador for animal welfare charity, the Brooke

13 February 2015

Double Olympic Gold Medallist Charlotte Dujardin today announced her first official charity partnership, becoming Global Ambassador for equine welfare charity the Brooke.

A peaceful ending for hardworking animals in Ethiopia

5 February 2015

The Brooke has worked with the government to change by-laws in Halaba, Ethiopia, which will allow its teams to euthanise abandoned working equines when extreme injuries or disease mean they are beyond medical help.

Donkeys used in political protest

19 December 2014

The Brooke and KSPCA work together to rescue donkeys used in political protest in Nairobi, Kenya

The ongoing debate around carriage horses in New York City

16 December 2014

Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has announced that he supports an immediate ban on the use of carriage horses in the city. Our Head of Animal Welfare & Research, Karen Reed, comments on the debate.


How to tell when a donkey is feeling better

10 December 2014

Part two of a study conducted by Brooke Pakistan and the University of Bristol to document how donkeys show pain.


The Brooke contributes to major research collection

10 December 2014

The Brooke has been involved in three studies and a conference report featured in a new collection, published online this month by the Equine Veterinary Journal.


'Care for Petra' campaign launches in Jordan

30 October 2014

An international taskforce coordinated by the Brooke has launched a responsible tourism campaign to tackle common problems seen at the Petra UNESCO world heritage site.


Last minute place for Zombie Evacuation run!

28 October 2014

The Brooke has gained a last minute place for the Zombie Evacuation run at Allianz Park, London. The race is on to claim the place.

Brooke CEO runs Royal Parks

12 October 2014 

Petra Ingram, Chief Executive for the Brooke, took on the first big run of her life to raise money for the Brooke in its 80th Anniversary.


Brooke Shop now open

9 October 2014

The Brooke has launched a new Brooke shop catalogue featuring new Christmas card designs and gifts to help working horses, donkeys and mules across the world.


Monty Roberts visits the Brooke's work in India

26 September 2014

Internationally renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts is visiting rural communities around India to see the work of the Brooke.


Almost 500 horses helped by Brooke emergency feeding

18 September 2014

The Brooke has successfully helped to save hundreds of horses from starvation, following a two stage emergency feeding programme in Nicaragua. 


How to tell what a donkey is thinking

5 August 2014

A new study carried out by the University of Bristol and funded by the Brooke looks at the behavioural traits of donkeys.


World-leading research recognised with top award 

4 July 2014

A poster detailing some of the Brooke’s world-leading equine research has been recognised with a top award at the 7th International Colloquium for Working Equids.


The Brooke tackles full schedule at international vet meet up

1 July 2014

The Brooke are presenting five talks and 28 posters at the 7th International Colloquium on Working Equids 2014


The Brooke starts emergency feeding of working horses in Nicaragua 

12 June 2014

The Brooke has today started emergency feeding hundreds of starving horses in drought-stricken Nicaragua.


Invisible Helpers - a new report from the Brooke

14 May 2014

Our new report reveals the views of women in developing countries, caring for and benefiting working donkeys, horses and mules.


Top office bugbears brought into perspective

12 May 2014

New animation from the Brooke shows how common office annoyances are nothing compared to the jobs done by horses donkeys and mules around the world


The Brooke releases reprint of diaries by inspirational founder

16 April

The Brooke has re-printed the iconic diaries of its founder Dorothy Brooke to mark 80 years since it first opened its doors to help suffering horses, donkeys and mules. 


The Brooke developing Welfare Assessment app

8 April 2014

The Brooke is developing a brand new welfare assessment app for Android


80 years of global veterinary experience captured in a world-first manual

10 March 2014

The Brooke has released the world's first working equid veterinary manual, combining 80 years of experience


The Brooke is honoured with first of its kind lunch at Clarence House

4 February 2014

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall held a special luncheon at her home on Tuesday 4 February as part of celebrations for the Brooke’s 80th anniversary.


HRH The Duchess of Cornwall opens 80th Anniversary celebrations - press release

28 January 2014

Today HRH The Duchess of Cornwall kicked off the Brooke's 80th Anniversary celebrations, meeting supporters, volunteers and staff at the Life Through a Lens photography exhibition.


Stars and supporters view the Brooke through a lens

14 January 2014

The Brooke’s 80th anniversary year celebrations got off to an impressive start at the special private view of our photographic exhibition Over 200 guests, including some well-known faces, joined us at London’s St-Martin-in-the-Fields where our special photographer, former champion jockey Richard Dunwoody MBE, showed off his captivating photographs recording the work of the Brooke.


Pets V Partners

8 November 2013

One in ten women claim they love their pet MORE than their partner, a study revealed yesterday.Nearly a third said their levels of love for their pet were exactly the same as those they harboured for their husband or boyfriend.


Deborah Meaden's India Diary

The Dragon's Den star highlights the Brooke's work by visiting Brooke India and the brick kilns


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