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Q1. What is the Brooke’s response to the recent media coverage of charity fundraising?

The Brooke is fully aware of the recent media coverage surrounding charity fundraising.

Please be assured that the Brooke does not phone anybody who is not an existing supporter, nor do we pass on any of our supporters' details to other charitable organisations.

Occasionally we do employ a call centre to contact supporters on our behalf, but they can only use your details to contact you regarding your support of the Brooke and they do not use them for any other purpose.

The Brooke is a full member of the Fundraising Standards Board and we are committed to the highest possible standards, always adhering to the codes of practice laid out by the Institute of Fundraising. We fully support any measures that will be taken to further improve fundraising practices across the charity sector. We will always respect all of our donors' individual preferences regarding how they want to be contacted and how often, once this is made known to us.

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Q2. Why are you asking for direct debits?

We ask people to give by regular direct debit because it helps us to plan ahead our services overseas to help working animals. It is also a more efficient and cost-effective way for us to receive donations - and we know some supporters do like to give this way because it is convenient and you are covered by the direct debit guarantee.  However, we really do want supporters who start a direct debit gift to feel in control of their giving - and we emphasise that you can stop, pause or reduce your gift at any time, just let us know. We also understand that our supporters donate to many charities and some may prefer to give as and when they can, and these one-off gifts are very important to our work too.

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Q3. How much of the donation will go directly to the animals?

The Brooke’s work currently benefits 1,494,083 animals a year across Asia, Africa and Latin America (in 2011/12 the Brooke’s coverage across the world was 1,170,000).

To deliver our programmes for animals currently costs around £12 million a year, which is 67p in every £1 we spend.

The Brooke is committed to expanding our programmes to improve the lives of even more animals. Our goal is to reach at least two million animals a year by 2016. For every £1 that the Brooke receives, 67p goes directly to our work in the field, 4p is spent on admin costs, 1p on governance and the remaining 28p is invested back into fundraising.

This 28p for fundraising includes all mailings that we send to our supporters and for every £1 spent on fundraising, the Brooke receives on average £3.74 back.  Therefore we do feel that is of benefit to us to continue fundraising in this way.

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Q4. Does the Brooke accept donations of veterinary drugs?

The Brooke is not able to accept donations of veterinary drugs or equipment. This is because it can often be very difficult and expensive to transport these to the countries in which we work and to get them through customs.

We also believe it is important to support local economies by purchasing items from within each country where we work. Where our country programmes need veterinary drugs which cannot be obtained locally, we export them through a professional supplier.

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Q5. How can I donate/support the Brooke in other ways?

There are many ways you can donate to the Brooke. The most cost-effective way for us to receive a donation is via a direct debit (which you can set up at an amount and frequency of your choice by calling +44 (0)20 3012 3456 or via our website). Alternatively, in addition to our website, you can make donations (made payable to The Brooke) by cheque, credit card, postal order, CAF voucher/card. Our postal address is The Brooke, 5th Floor, Friars Bridge Court, 41-45 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NZ. However, financial contributions are not the only way you can help our work; you could consider holding an event, taking part in a sponsored ride/walk etc, holding a collection or distributing leaflets to friends and family. You may also wish to leave a lasting gift to the Brooke by including us in your will, please contact our legacy team on +44 (0)20 3012 3456 for more information.

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Q6. How can I find out more about leaving a legacy to the Brooke?

 Download our legacy brochure, contact Adam Buckles on 020 7653 5816 or email us at

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