HRH the Duchess of Cornwall

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall became the Brooke’s inaugural President in 2006. The Duchess has visited the Brooke’s work in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt, and has regularly attended events in the UK. 

At an event for the Brooke in 2012, Her Royal Highness said:

“As proud President of the Brooke, I follow this unique charity’s course with enormous interest and have seen for myself the huge improvement in the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in many parts of the world over the past decade.

“Every day we hear of more challenges faced by our fellow human beings, especially those in rural communities in countries such as India. These animals are the engines powering the developing world.  However, many of these animals live in appalling conditions, enduring pain, exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition as a direct result of terrible workloads, poor nutrition and  handling.  This leads to suffering for millions of working equines and insecure livelihoods for the people relying on them to earn a basic living.

“The Brooke provides veterinary treatment and community programmes all over the world to address these problems. It is working with communities to train them in best practices so they can take better care of their animals and safeguard the livelihoods of their families.

“As its President, I wholeheartedly support the Brooke in their vital work across the globe, and feel assured that the lives of these working animals and their owners are being changed for the better with the support of this wonderful charity.”

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HRH The Duchess of Cornwall at an exhibition in London with Petra Ingram, Brooke CEO, and Champion Group Leaders. The exhibition featured photography by Richard Dunwoody MBE

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