Urgent Christmas Appeal

Christmas Day is just another day that working horses, donkeys and mules will spend in the shadows. Your gift can shine a light on their suffering and give them the care they deserve now and all year round.


Make a monthly donation
A vet dressing a large wound on the rear end of a brown horse.
£4.00 a month

Could provide vital vet training to give suffering donkeys the gift of health. Give sick and injured animals someone they can they can count on.

£10.00 a month

Could give hardworking donkeys access to water. Make sure a portable water trough is always close as they face hot and dry conditions.

£12.00 a month

Could help train a farrier to combat excruciating conditions such as laminitis and lameness. Protect these loyal donkeys from needless pain.

NOTE: We cannot accept Direct Debits for less than £2 a month.