Download copies of our printed publications including our strategy, reports, policy briefings, the Sharing the Load manual, the Standardised Equine Based Welfare Assessment Tool and conference papers.  

A woman loading bricks onto an equine

Global strategy

Our global strategy sets out our priorities and plans for the next five years.

Annual reports

Our annual reports contain information about our progress, where our money comes from and how we spend it each year.


Peer reviewed research publications

We aim to share our work widely to encourage learning and stimulate debate on working equine welfare. You can find a list of our peer reviewed published papers with links on the research publications and conference presentations page. The page also contains a list of our oral presentations at scientific conferences since 2012.

Welfare Interpretation Manual

The Welfare Interpretation Manual offers guidance to field-based staff assessing the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries

Events and conferences

7th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference, 2019

At the 7th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference in March 2019, where acclaimed veterinarians and academics came together from all Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth counties to share and learn, Brooke - as part of the International Coalition of Working Equids (ICWE) - presented the following research:

Invisible Livestock 2015

On 16 November 2015 Brooke hosted the Invisible livestock conference". The conference highlighted the multiple contributions of livestock to livelihoods and national economies.

Invisible Helpers policy report launch

On 14 May 2014 Brooke launched the Invisible Helpers policy report at the Houses of Parliament. The report presents the findings from the Voices from Women research project conducted in Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Pakistan.


One of our main tools for assessing welfare is the Standardised Equine Based Welfare Assessment Tool. The tool was originally developed with the University of Bristol in 2002 and was revised for our field conditions in 2011.

Brooke East Africa research

Our Kenyan team has shared several pieces of work shared at international scientific conferences.

Brooke India research

The Brooke India programme includes an active research team, working on topics relating to service providers and community engagement, equine clinical issues and policy-related topics. 

Brooke Pakistan research

The Brooke Pakistan programme has established a dedicated research resource to work on topics relating to service provision and community engagement,  clinical issues and policy-related topics.

Animal welfare

Care for Petra

Materials produced as part of the Care for Petra campaign to provide tourists with simple messages and help them make the right choices.

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