30 October 2017

Brooke supporter is superhero fundraiser

Horse lover Jen Olivier from Grendon, Northamptonshire has been fundraising for Brooke by dressing up as superhero Deadpool whilst competing at a horse show on Sunday 29 October.

Jen promised a group of friends that if they raised £100 for Brooke, she would don the spandex outfit at the Aston Le Walls Equestrian Centre Eventer Challenge which took place at Washbrook Farm.

Jen Olivier dressed as Deadpool

The idea of dressing up as the Marvel superhero came from her recent battle with cancer after her friends nicknamed her Wonder Woman while she struggled bravely through her treatment. She said: “I thought I was more of a 'Deadpool' type of superhero, no hair, eyebrows, eyelashes...like a wrinkly old avocado! Also Deadpool becomes a superhero due to cancer so I thought it was far more fitting.

“I thought that dressing up for a worthy charity would not only give everyone a good laugh but it would help ease the suffering and misery of a working horse or donkey. It's a win win situation.”

Jen has been passionate about horses from a young age. She grew up in South Africa, living with her father who was a jockey and eventually persuaded him to let her have a rescue horse of her own aged 16. Sadly, whilst out riding him one day he suffered a brain haemorrhage causing them to fall down the cliff they were on.

The tragedy only spurred Jen on to get back in the saddle and begin competing. She now owns 7 horses with her husband and competed on Sunday with rescue horse Rocco.

By supporting Brooke today, you're helping us make a real difference to the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them.

“He had a bad life before me, including some horrible abuse and is a nervous horse but we have built such a strong bond that I know that he will do things for me only because I have asked him to. I believe that is what horsemanship is all about.”

Jen’s upbringing in South Africa allowed her to witness first-hand the type of suffering Brooke’s teams see every day.

They suffer so much and it must be a horrible life. I also know the owners have no choice and without their horses or donkeys they and their families will starve. It's a terrible situation which I know the Brooke contribute to making easier for all involved and that a little donation can go a long way and really make a difference.

Jen Olivier, Brooke supporter and fundraiser