Help Chittoo

Every day, Chittoo goes deep into a dark and dangerous mine and struggles out again bearing a heavy load of coal. He has no choice but to work day in, day out. So many working animals like Chittoo need your help and it takes just a few pounds to ease their pain. Can you give by Direct Debit to help an animal every month?

Chittoo loaded with coal in a dark tunnel


Make a monthly donation
Treating a donkey
£3.00 a month

Could train a vet to treat wounds caused by ill-fitting harnesses.

A donkey drinking
£5.00 a month

Could help us reach a working animal overseas every month, providing vital care and comfort.

A Brooke vet and owner check over a working animal
£9.00 a month

Could help a mobile vet team continue to treat sick and injured animals.

NOTE: We cannot accept Direct Debits for less than £2 a month.