8 May 2021 to 9 May 2022

Craft for Brooke - The Harry Horse pack

Get crafty with out third craft pack and create your own Harry horse!

We have been blown away by the response to our first two craft packs and we are thrilled to introduce the latest pack - The Harry Horse pack!

We hope you will continue your crafting journey with Brooke and request our latest pack. In this pack you will find:

  • Harry Horse crochet pattern
  • Donkey keyring knitting pattern
  • Daphne the Donkey Tote bag sewing pattern
Why We Ask For A Donation

Your donation will help Brooke continue its vital work around the world as we fight to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people that depend on them.  

As the COVID-19 crisis continues around the world, working equines are ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL. As we are all facing such challenging times we are more grateful than ever for your support. Communities are depending on working horses, donkeys and mules for food, water and medical transport. Without their animals they would be defenceless against the devastating effect that COVID-19 can have. Your donation will help us to continue to reach these animals, their owners and health workers at this difficult time. They need your donations now more than ever.

Request Your Harry Horse pattern pack

We can't wait to send you our special Harry Horse pattern pack, which contains all four patterns.

We are currently sending these guides out by email only. This will arrive as a PDF guide which you can view on your device, download and print at home if you wish.

We also have printer friendly versions of the knit and crochet patterns which will be available to you. 

In the future we hope to be able to send copies by post.

We ask that you do not share the patterns, but please do spread the word and tell people to visit our website to request their own.

What to do with your completed crafts?

We have a brilliant family of Brooke fundraising volunteers who work tirelessly to raise funds to help continue our eseential work. One of their bestsellers at the events they attend is the knitted and crocheted donkey, and these are sold as handmade decorations or collectables (not children’s toys). 

We want to ensure they have a good supply to sell so if you would like to donate your completed donkey craft back to us then please hold onto them and we will let you know when you can send them in!

We are currently unable to accept donkeys at our office so please keep them safe and when we are ready we will ask you to post them to us.

If you would prefer to sell your donkey yourself you can do so. You could sell it on Ebay and nominate Brooke to benefit, or sell it yourself and forward the donation to us.

Of course, you may decide that your donkey is too special to give away and in that case we hope you enjoy your crafted donkey!

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If you have any original patterns you could donate to Brooke then we would love to hear from you!