Supporter Groups 

The Brooke has 32 dedicated supporter groups across the world, raising funds and awareness about the Brooke’s work. Between them, they raise tens of thousands of pounds annually, enabling the Brooke to help even more suffering horses, donkeys and mules working hard for their owners overseas.

UK Supporter Groups

We have 29 supporter groups spread across the UK who regularly hold events, collections and talks in aid of the Brooke.

Support your local group by attending one of their fantastic events or offering a helping hand. Please get in touch with the group leader directly to find out more.

More information about groups and what they do can be found here. To start a group, anywhere in the world, call the Community Team on 020 7470 9393 or email

International Supporter Groups

With four supporter groups outside the UK holding fundraising events and talks, knowledge of our vital work and the need is spreading as far afield as Brunei, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are based in one of these countries and would like to support the group by attending their events or getting involved, then why not get in touch with the group leader there? They would love to hear from fellow Brooke supporters in their country.

Miss Zoe Evans
Queensland (Australia)
Mrs Lucille Watson
(61) 754421955
Wellington (New Zealand)
Ms Margaret Hall
(64) 43885496

Lexington, Kentucky (USA)
Ms Cindy Rullman
(1) 859-296-0037
One of Brooke's many supporter groups

Members of the Sussex Supporter Group, one of 32 groups raising money for the Brooke's vital work. ©The Brooke

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