Dog Sledding Challenge

Raise vital funds for the Brooke by taking part in this once in a lifetime experience into the frozen wilderness of Lapland.

Dog Sledding Challenge

Guide your own team of loyal huskies through snow covered forests and into the glorious mountains of Swedish Lapland.

The challenge

The only noise you will hear is the gentle crunching of snow as your sled glides across the white surface. This magical and picturesque challenge will amaze you as will unforgettable sights such as the world famous Northern Lights and the stunning local wildlife, elk and reindeer.

The challenge will be situated in Lapland province, 145kms north of the Arctic Circle. The area is home to the Sami people, indigenous to northern Europe, who are integral to your sledging challenge as you travel through their land, with their four legged friends.

You can hardly get closer to nature than when you travel in the company of animals. The camaraderie, trust and respect you quickly feel for your dogs is a rare experience that enhances the pleasure and adventure in exploring the great, wild mountain expanses. 

Available Dates

21 - 27 February 2015 

Sign up today

Sign up for this challenge of a lifetime and we will support you all the way with fundraising advice and materials. You just need to pay a registration fee and pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship target. Contact us and we will get everything organised for you.

Get in touch

Call 020 7470 9393 or email now to find out more about Dog Sledding into the Arctic Circle for the Brooke.


Read about the experiences of Mel McQueen, Lorna Clarke and Jo Collins, who took part in the Dog Sledding challenge last year

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Sledding across the frozen tundra

Sledding across the frozen tundra. ©Discover Adventure

Enjoying the wintery conditions

Brooke supporters Mel McQueen, Lorna Clark and Jo Collins enjoying a dog sledding challenge. © The Brooke

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