Organisations wanting to partner with the Brooke to improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules, must meet agreed standards


All partners of the Brooke must be legal entities, compliant with the law of the country in which they operate and must comply with English law (including charity law). The Brooke does not form partnerships with organisations that compromise our core values or charitable objectives.

In forming any partnership, the Brooke will establish:

  • What the partnership is setting out to achieve
  • How this contributes to the achievements of the organisational strategy
  • Whether proposed interventions are in line with the Brooke’s ethical principles, mission and values
  • Whether there are any security or reputational risks to the Brooke 
  • Mutual expectations and length of partnership
  • Partner’s roles and responsibilities
  • The Brooke’s capacity to manage the partnership

The Brooke signs an annual grant agreement with a partner receiving financial support. A formal agreement must also be signed where the Brooke is contributing in kind such as with technical support to the government.

The contract will clearly set out the terms of the agreement including:

  • The roles and responsibilities of each partner
  • The obligation of the partner to comply with Brooke policies
  • The expected term of the partnership
  • The funding expectation
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements
  • Accounting and record keeping requirements
  • Conditions regarding the use of the name and logo of the Brooke
  • The consequences of either party not abiding by the contract
  • The country under whose law the contract is being made

It is important that any partnership contributes to the achievement of the organisational objectives. The Brooke will examine potential partnerships using the Brooke’s Partnership Guidelines to ensure that the risks of working through partnership are managed appropriately. If the project concerned has a research component or is a research institution such as a university, the proposal should also be examined using the Research Guidelines to ensure that the Brooke’s high animal welfare standards are observed and organisational risks are correctly managed.

To find out more about working as a partner with the Brooke, contact and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate regional department in our International Development team.

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