The Brooke is committed to building sustainable welfare programmes for working horses and donkeys globally and does this through partnerships with local organisations

Building a sustainable approach

The Brooke aims to make a positive difference to the welfare of two million working equine animals by 2016.

To achieve this, we are working in partnership with organisations across Asia, Africa and Latin America to improve effectiveness, maximize impact, communicate our approach and learn good practice from others. 

The Brooke supports its affiliates and branches to work with a range of partners in Ethiopia, Jordan, Egypt, India and Pakistan. In Afghanistan, the Brooke funds a small support unit within the Dutch Committee of Afghanistan (DCA). The Brooke funds and supports partner organisations in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya and Senegal.

Brooke partnerships are subject to the same cycle of planning, resourcing, implementation and review as all other projects. The Brooke works with a diverse range of partners:


This kind of partnership may include integrating animal welfare in wider policy, promoting innovation or influencing a wider circle of stakeholders. Examples include, international organisations and multilateral and bilateral institutions.

International, regional and national

We are working to influence policy-makers, implement quality working equine welfare programmes and integrate components into existing programmes. Partners include:

  • Partners funded through the Small Initiatives Fund
  • Local level influencers and implementers
  • Educational institutions
  • International, national and local NGOs

These partners can influence local decision-makers and national policy-makers and are essential in developing working equine welfare methodologies, creating opportunities to learn and improve existing work, building evidence to approach policy-makers and international and national decision-makers. Examples include:

  • Community-based organisations
  • Local private sector, i.e. farriers, pharmacies, local health providers

The Brooke's partners in Senegal AVSF

The Brooke's partners in Senegal Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF). ©The Brooke

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