Evidence-based approach

Our approach analyses hard scientific data to reveal 'what works' when it comes to improving the welfare of working donkeys, mules and horses.

How we gather our evidence

In keeping with its strategic objectives, the Brooke underpins its work with evidence. Undertaking and funding research projects is an integral part of the Brooke’s work and is used to ensure that improvements to the welfare of working animals is based on the best available qualitative and quantitative evidence. Research findings are used to increase the effectiveness of Brooke programmes, informing policy and enabling resources to be allocated appropriately and efficiently.

The Brooke aims to ensure that all Brooke-funded or supported research follow these objectives:

  • To tackle issues relevant to working equine welfare identified principally by working with animals and their owners and communities.
  • All research is carried out with responsibility to the animals and people involved.
  • All research aims to produce results that are practically applicable to the Brooke’s work.
  • Research is efficient, ensuring no duplication of effort or resources.

In support of our evidence-based approach, we have provided a selection of our published papers to share learning about equine animal health, behaviour and welfare.

Our evidence-based approach

A Brooke vet assessing the welfare of working donkeys at a brick kiln in Pakistan. ©The Brooke

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