25 Novermber 2010 

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Bubble bath, bath salts and socks have topped a list of the most unwanted Christmas presents.

Most people believe gifts such as candles, Belgian chocolates and scarf sets are completely thoughtless. Nearly 27% of people will give last year’s unwanted presents to someone else this Christmas, while 40% will give them to charity.

With 6 out of 10 of those polled claiming to have received up to 5 gifts last Christmas which were neither liked nor wanted. 

The Brooke investigates

The stats emerged in a study of 3,000 Brits, conducted by the Brooke, as part of our campaign to highlight the importance of charity gift buying.

"It’s unfortunate to think there are so many unwanted gifts every year. We suggest keeping an eye out for gifts that are a little different. Charity gifts can offer the perfect solution – they don’t have to cost a fortune and could be better received than bubble bath or socks. And of course, make a real difference too". Sharon Schofield, Fundraising and Communications Director.  
The Brooke Shop offers a range of kind and quirky gift ideas from Care for a Foal to a First Aid Kit – certainly a break from the norm. Most importantly, every gift purchased goes directly towards helping working horses and donkeys and their poor owners overseas.

The poll shows other unwanted gifts are hot chocolate sets, jewellery, moisturiser and calendars and 60% of people stated they would rather receive nothing at all for Christmas if it means avoiding ties, address books or soap on a string!

Slippers, pyjamas, joke books and photo frames all get the thumbs down from recipients and nearly 8 out of 10 Brits claim they put great thought into what they buy people for Christmas, with 28% usually including gift receipts.

Aunties have been named and shamed as the worst for giving presents (14%), closely followed by work colleagues (13%) and grandparents (9%).

One in 10 people managed to return their unwanted gifts to the shop they were bought in, while 12 per cent binned the present as they couldn’t be bothered to do anything else with it.


1. Bubble bath
2. Bath salts
3. Socks
4. Candles
5. Belgian chocolates
6. Knitwear
7. Books
8. Tie
9. Moisturiser
10. Movies you’ve already seen
11. Perfume/aftershave
12. Hot chocolate/mug set
13. Soap on a string
14. Jewellery
15. Address book
16. Calendar
17. Slippers
18. Pyjamas
19. Joke books
20. Photo frames

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